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Tuesday, November 6th 2012

7:20 AM

Vote Clark Bassoon Reeds! Fedex Small Business Grant

Dear Double Reed Friends,

Clark Bassoon Reeds has entered the Fedex Small Business Grant Contest, $25,000 first prize. For eight years my business has grown from one to two bedrooms in my home and now I hope to build a shop. Please vote once a day until Nov. 24th at:

http://www.facebook.com/Fedex, click on the Small Business Grant icon, click on Arkansas on the map and my business is on Page 2.


97 Comment(s).

Posted by Will Buckner:

Hi, Dale. You are amazing! My new reeds arrived yesterday. I have been auditioning them this morning and am blown away. Of the three, one is bold and bright, one is bold and soft, the third is lighter and softer still. Those three are going to be perfect for our upcoming concert performance of The Young Person's Guide (Britten), the Strauss Serenade for Winds, and Dukas' La Peri. I am pumped and looking forward to playing on my Clark reeds. Thank you! -Will
Saturday, February 9th 2013 @ 9:44 AM

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Posted by steve:

Clark Bassoon Reeds has entered the Fedex Small Business Grant Contest, $25,000 first prize
Sunday, January 26th 2014 @ 7:54 PM

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