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Sunday, May 20th 2012

8:01 AM

Profile Equations

Making reeds for players other than myself is one of the biggest challenges I have faced. For the styles I have developed, other than my favorite style A, I found the need to explore the profile requirements for reeds of different length. I found that if I profile a piece of cane for a reed  longer than style A I would need to set the profiling machine .05 millimeters thicker for each extra millimeter of length given that I use the same shape. So if style A, 54 mm long, is set .075 mm thick at the shoulder then style B, 57 mm long, is set .90 mm thick at the shoulder. Other variables may affect the thickness of the blades. My style R is 56 mm long but .95 mm thick at the shoulder.  Style R is made with the Rieger 1A shape, wider than the Fox #2 shape I use on styles A and B. Wider shapes are less resistant and so one solution is to make the profile thicker.  Also, the profile, Udo Heng's machine, has a more blended spine than you would see on my other styles resulting in the need to make this profile thicker.  Of course, with variations in cane hardness many, if not most, reeds will be finished to a different thickness than where you started. As always, I would like to hear comments from you regarding this subject.



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